Of course. We simply ask that you be a responsible and considerate dog owner.

You must keep your dog on leash. Some people prefer to not be approached by even the nicest dog. Dogs are excited and unpredictable when meeting other dogs and children. Remember that you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your pet. Be cautious and in control at all times.

Also, please clean up after your best friend. You may think it’s not that important, but what if everyone walking dogs felt the same way? Soon our streets and parks would be covered in you-know-what. Use a plastic bag to cover your hand, pick up the offending matter, turn the bag inside out so the waste is securely inside it, tie up the bag and toss it in a trash can. We also encourage you to keep your dog away from the trash cans, so he is not tempted to come back later and tip it for a midnight snack. Thank you in advance for helping to keep your City parks clean and pet accessible.