City of Chubbuck

Land Use and Development Commission Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2015- 7:00p.m.

Minutes of the Land Use and Development Commission regular meeting held at Chubbuck City Hall,

5160 Yellowstone, on June 9, 2015.

Chairman Peter Anderson: Commission Members: Mike Schwartz, Dan Stoddard, Brady Smith, Russ

Armstrong, Todd Blackinton, Jason Mendenhall. City Staff: Steve Smart, Paul Andrus, Sean Harris.

Attorney: Tom Holmes. Administrative Assistant: Ranelle Simmons

Chairman Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Blackinton Jed the commission in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Anderson entertained a motion to approve the minutes as mailed. Mendenhall moved the

minutes of May 12, 2015 meeting be approved as mailed; Schwartz seconded. Motion carries.


1. An application by Briscoe Builders, 5465 Kymball Street, Chubbuck, ID 83202 for Briscoe

Subdivision 8’h Addition Preliminary Plat. Located in Northwest Y., Section 2, Township 6 South,

Range 34 East of the Boise Meridian in the County of Bannock. The subdivision will be between

Martha Street and Taylor Street west of Hiline Road.

Stewart Ward with Dioptra 4737 Afton Place, Chubbuck, JD 83202 was in attendance to represent the

application. The application is are-approval for 17 Jots in Briscoe Subdivision 81 h Addition because the

approval has lapsed. The application today is the same as the previous one. Briscoe Subdivision 7

Addition built half the park. Briscoe Subdivision 8 Addition will complete the 1.2 acre park. Stormwater

will be retained in roadside swales.

Harris stated the staff report in front of the board is a revision because of completion of items that were

on the previous report.

Anderson opened the Public Hearing.

No public comments.

Anderson closed the Public Hearing and brought the meeting back to the commission for discussion.

Anderson entertained a motion to recommend to the City Council to approve or disapprove the

preliminary plat.

Stoddard made the motion to recommend approval of Briscoe Subdivision 8 Addition application as

applied. Smith seconded.

Roll Call Vote: Schwartz, Yes; Stoddard, Yes; Smith, Yes; Armstrong, Yes; Blackinton, Yes;

Mendenhall, Yes; Anderson, Yes. Motion carries


1. Discuss Chapter 8, Recreation, in the Comprehensive Plan.

Andrus has updated the chapter.

Commission discussed incorporating parks on the east side of the city.

J:\Pianning\LUDC\LAND USE SECRETARY\Minutes\Minutes 2015\006.09.15.docx 1

Anderson would like to see Marys Park and the new Portneuf Wellness Complex connected and added

to the Comprehensive Plan.

Smart mentioned the Vision Statement should be changed from 2020 to 2030.

2. Request by Con Jensen, Spring Creek Homes, to modify the original final plan for Dance PUD.

Con Jensen 11070 Deer Ridge Pocatello, Idaho is owner/partner of Spring Creek Homes. All seven

buildings are up and the road is paved at Dance PUD, 209 Siphon Road. Spring Creek Homes would like

to eliminate the storage sheds in the common area and replace with playground areas. The concrete

pads that were the original plan will remain, but in place ofthe storage sheds basketball court,

tetherball pole, volleyball court, swing set and 3 outdoor barbeque spots will be constructed. Spring

Creek Homes is looking for a better community atmosphere for each apartment.

Holmes explained that the PUD ordinance states any modification in the final plan needs to be reviewed

by the Land Use Commission and submitted to the City Council with recommendation from Land Use.

Jensen explained there are 3 buildings that are ready for Certificate of Occupancy. 2800 square feet of

concrete pad was required in the final plan but they now have 3900 square feet.

Stoddard mentioned bike racks where bikes can be locked might be considered.

Anderson explained a few years ago a PUD application had only left 5 feet of property out the back door.

That is why the personal space came into play in the ordinance.

Anderson entertained a motion to deny or accept the change in the original final PUD plan.

Mendenhall made a motion to accept the application by Spring Creek Homes to modify the original PUD

plan for Dance. In the letter from Spring Creek Homes dated 6.2.15 the personal space would eliminate

the storage sheds in the common areas and replace with playground areas. The concrete pads that were

originally there would be allowed to have basketball courts, tetherball courts, volleyball courts, swing

sets and the addition of barbeque spots. Armstrong seconded. Smith would like to have an amendment

to the motion to have 2 to 3 bike racks. Mendenhall accepted the amendment. Armstrong seconded.

All voted in favor. Motion carries.

Anderson entertained a motion to adjourn; Mendenhall made the motion. Swartz seconded. All voted to

adjourn at 7:50pm.

Ranelle Simmons, Administrative Assistant

J:\Pianning\LUDC\ LAND USE SECRETARV\Minutes\Minutes 2015\ 006.09.15.docx 2