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Can I take my dog for a walk in the city parks?

Of course. We simply ask that you be a responsible and considerate dog owner.

You must keep your dog on leash. Some people prefer to not be approached by even the nicest dog. Dogs are excited and unpredictable when meeting other dogs and children. Remember that you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your pet. […]

Why are the bathrooms and tennis courts locked?

Unfortunately, we have had a great deal of vandalism done to the buildings and courts. Vandalism and graffiti are both senseless acts of destruction that cost the City’s taxpayers thousands of dollars each year. Hours of labor and expensive graffiti removal chemicals are required to restore structures to original conditions if that can be achieved. […]

Can I reserve park fields or other facilities?

The answer to this question depends on what you would like to reserve:
The pavilions at Bicentennial Park, Heritage Park and Stuart Park along with the gazebo at Cotant Park can be reserved for your gathering. Please visit our park reservation web page for availability, information and to download the reservation application forms. Pavilions or other […]