Utility Rates

Water, sewer and sanitation services are provided by the City and they are billed to you on one bill that is sent the last week of each month and due on the fifteenth (15th) of the following month. The residential billing rates are listed in the chart below:
Water Service Base Rate $24+*Usage
Sewer Service Base Rate $44.95
Northwest Sewer Interceptor: $10.45
Sanitation Service Base Rate: $17.80
Monthly Base Rate: $97.20

*Water Base Rate +$1.15 per 1,000 gallons metered usage.

Additional Residential Sanitation Cart Rate + $11.20
per cart
Fort Hall Irrigation $16.10
per cart
Optional Recycle Cart Rate + $5.00
per cart
After Hour Service Fee + $25.00
Delinquency Fee* + $50.00

*For payments received after the 15th of the month.

If you have a question or concern about your utility bill, email the City Clerk or call the Clerk’s Office at 237-2400.

Sanitation Department TruckFor any utility bill that has not been paid in full by the due date, a delinquency notice will be mailed giving you a final date to make payment. Once service has been turned off for nonpayment, services will not be reinstated until the bill is paid in full along with payment of a delinquency fee. If you need to close your account and have the City services disconnected from your residence, please call 208-237-2400 during regular business hours. Be prepared with the name on the account, the account number, the date of disconnect and the forwarding address to which the final bill should be mailed.
Base Rate: $24.00 plus $1.15 for each thousand (1,000) gallons of water used.

A deposit is required for all new service accounts. This deposit covers all three services offered by the City. Due to the fact that each individual’s or family’s water usage is unique, it is not possible to provide an average billing for a given residence in advance.

Water usage is metered for each residence within City limits. The majority of the residences in the City have electronic meters and will be billed for water usage on a month-by-month basis. Residences with manually read meters will be billed the base rate during winter months (typically November through February) and will receive a “catch-up” bill for actual water usage in the early spring (typically March).

The Water Department has trained staff on duty Monday through Friday during regular office hours if you need your water service turned on or off for any reason including repairs.If you have an after hours emergency, contact the Chubbuck Police Department at 237-7172 and a trained staff member will assist you.

It is a misdemeanor, punishable by a $300 fine or six months in jail, to turn on, off or otherwise tamper with the City’s water meters. For safety reasons, only trained staff will be allowed access to your meter vaults. Please notify the Water Department if the lid on your water vault is not securely shut as this may be a safety hazard to children and pets. If the lid to the water meter vault on your property is damaged, please notify the Water Department as a faulty lid could result in pipes freezing and possibly rupturing. Please take care when mowing or trimming around water meter vaults to avoid damaging the lid.

Base Rate: $17.80 plus $11.20 per additional sanitation cart.

Residential pickup of garbage is provided once per week. See sanitation route map to determine what day collection is made at your residence.

Your sanitation cart should be put out no sooner than twelve (12) hours before collection date. Collection times will vary from week to week, so ensure your cart is out before 7:00 am on collection date. Sanitation carts must be placed in the roadway near the curb with the wheels and handle pointing away from the roadway.

If your cart is inaccessible due to obstructions such as cars parked too closely, it will not be collected.  If a person just has extra garbage and they want an additional empty some time during the week they can call and we will go empty their cart. The City offers a return service for $8.50.  This amount will be be added to your utility statement.

The Sanitation Department has determined the following refuse to be unacceptable due to either ecological impact concern or weight that may potentially damage collection vehicles:

Prohibited Waste

  • Building materials
  • Rocks
  • Concrete
  • Tires
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Other hazardous materials.

If you place any of the listed items in your collection cart, it will not be collected. Trash that is too large to be placed in the cart or that is left outside the cart will not be collected. It is your responsibility to dispose of refuse that the City has determined to be unacceptable at the Bannock County Landfill.

Base Rate: $44.95 + $10.45 Northwest Sewer Interceptor =$55.40

The Sewer Department cautions home owners to be conscious of what they are flushing down the toilet or rinsing down the drain. The home owner will be held responsible both legally and financially for any items or fluids that damage the sewer lines. Items such as diapers, wet wipes, or towels should never be flushed down the toilet as they can clog the line and cause a rupture or backup. The Environmental Protection Agency has enacted laws which make flushing hazardous waste into the sewer a criminal offense. Most hazardous chemicals can react adversely with sewer pipes.

Some household hazardous waste can injure sanitation workers, contaminate wastewater treatment systems, or leak out of landfills into ground water. Therefore, it is important to properly dispose of hazardous waste. For more information about proper disposal, visit the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality website. Also note that the Bannock County Landfill offers free disposal of household hazardous waste on certain days throughout the year.

Base Rate: $5.00 / month.

The City of Chubbuck offers recycling services to any resident who wishes to participate. Participation is voluntary. For program information or to signup click the button below.

Recycling Program