Building Department

The Building Department is committed to provide for the public safety and welfare as it relates to the physical environment of the building structure through application of the adopted codes and ordinances. To meet this goal, this department works with contractors, developers and the public to ensure consistent and efficient application of the regulations relating to modern construction.

Chubbuck Building Code Requirements

The City requires that the permits listed below be obtained for all construction projects within city limits. The adopted codes are listed below each permit. All applicable fees must be submitted with the Building and Mechanical Permit applications.
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Ray GriffinBuilding Official

Building & Mechanical Permit Fees


Build Type $ per SqFt
Habitable Living Areas $49.00 / SqFt.
Semi Finished Basement Areas $15.00 / SqFt.
Unfinished Basement Areas $11.00 / SqFt.
Private Garages $18.00 / SqFt.

All other work is based on the actual materials & labor costs or replaceable costs.


All new construction will require a separate mechanical permit for contractor identification and permit coverage. Fees are based on table 1-A of the 1997 uniform mechanical code.

Water tap fees, sewer tap fees, and park and land fees vary with subdivisions and locations. Information available on request.

*Building Permit Fees are based on Table 1-A of The 1997 Uniform Building Code.
*Mechanical Permit fees are based on Table 1-A of the 1997 Uniform Mechanical Code.


Build Price Permit Fee
$1.00 to $500 $23.50
$501 to $2,000 $23.50 for the first $500 plus $3.50 for each additional $100 or fraction thereof to $2,000
$2,000 to $25,000 $69.25 for the first $2,000 plus $14 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof to $25,000
$25,001 to $50,000 $391.25 for the first $25,000 plus $10.10 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof to $50,000
$50,000 to $100,000 $643.75 for the first $50,000 plus $7.00 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof to $$100,000
$100,001 to $500,000 $993.75 for the first $100,000 plus $5.60 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof to $500,000

Plan review fees will be charged on all commercial projects at 65% of the building permit fee.


Building Permit

Adopts the International Building Code (2012)

Adopts the International Residential Code (2012)

Mechanical Permit

Adopts the International Mechanical Code (2012)

Residential Plumbing Permit

Adopts the Idaho Plumbing Code (2009)

Residential Electrical Permit

Adopts the National Electrical Code (2011)

Commercial Plumbing Permit

Commercial Electrical Permit

Sign Permit Application


If you need any assistance obtaining or completing the required form, please feel free to contact us!

Download Building Permit Application Reports

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DIY Info

The following projects may require permits and inspections:

  • Any addition to your residence
  • Decks or Patios
  • Fences or retaining walls
  • Concrete work
  • Plumbing Work
  • Electrical Work

Building Inspection Process

To schedule an inspection by the Building Department for a project with proper licensing and permits in place, you must call us at 208-237-2430 at least one day in advance. The following suggestions will help you with the inspection process:
  • Be on time and prepared for your sheduled appointment
  • Contact the Chubbuck Fire Department for fire code inspections
  • Be aware of applicable codes and ordinances in advance
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