Roundabout Intersection Safety

Compared to other types of intersections, roundabouts have demonstrated safety benefits.

  • More than 90% reduction in fatalities*
  • Up to 76% reduction in injuries*
  • Up to 35% reduction in all crashes*
  • Slower speeds are safer for pedestrians

* These statistics and images are provided by the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. For more detailed information, download their roundabout brochure or visit their website.

USDOT Roundabouts PDF

Roundabouts also have a large number of very positive environmental impacts:

  • Less pollution due to fewer stops, starts and idling time
  • Less power consumption due to no signal equipment
  • Often need less pavement and right of way area
  • Quieter operation than traditional intersections
  • More aesthetically pleasing and efficient
  • Roundabout intersections are also friendlier to both pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Pedestrians should walk around the outside, while bicycles flow with motorized traffic.

Watch the videos below for more information