Winter Driving

City Code calls for strict parking restrictions during what we call a “snow emergency”. When a “snow emergency” is declared, it will be widely publicized. A “snow emergency” will also be automatically placed into effect at any time in which the snow depth on the street has reached an accumulation of three inches or more. During a “snow emergency”, all vehicle parking on streets is prohibited between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. The parking prohibition remains in effect until either the “snow emergency” is lifted, or the street is finally cleared of snow to the gutters.

The city has a responsibility to keep the streets as safe as practical for the driving public. Through our ordinances and policies, we strive to do that. We do not have the resources to be responsible for keeping your mail boxes and individual driveways open. We feel that the property owner must take that responsibility. The special centralized delivery box units available through the U. S. Postal Service do provide an option for mail delivery even under these conditions.

We would welcome hearing your comments and concerns. You can contact us via phone at 237-2430 or you can notify us online.

Procedure & Rules Regarding Snow Removal From Your Streets

Winter snows cause many problems for not only the traveling public, but also those city employees trying to remove it from the street. We do our best to remove the snow as quickly and efficiently as possible, given our crews and equipment. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you and clarify some aspects of our snow removal policy.

When a storm occurs or begins during off-duty hours (as most storms do), the police notify the maintenance men or crews on call to respond and begin removing snow. We have developed over the years, a list of trouble spots that need either first or frequent attention. Our people respond to these places first. Once those locations are plowed and sanded, they go on through the remainder of the city in a systematic manner, beginning with arterials and collectors, and plow open the streets.

The first trip through the city is only an effort to open streets, permitting two-way traffic and access by emergency vehicles. As time permits, which is usually after the storm, the crews follow through the entire city and plow snow from gutter to gutter. Vehicles that remain on the street during this process cause problems not only for themselves, but also create a safety hazard for plow operators and the traveling public as they try to negotiate around piles of snow left by plows going around those parked vehicles.

Please remove all recreational vehicles and other unnecessary vehicles from the street. Those vehicles that you find necessary to park in the street should also be removed at least during regular working hours.

When the city plows the entire street, we will attempt to deposit the snow in the gutter with as little snow as possible on the sidewalk. If you want to avoid shoveling out your driveway any more than necessary, you should wait until the city plows the street to the gutter before doing your driveway. Remember that snow from your sidewalks and driveways should be placed on your yard and not in the street. Also, place the snow taken from the curb portion of your driveway on the right side of the driveway as you face the street. Since the snowplow travels across the driveway from left to right, placing the snow on the right will keep the plow from putting it right back into the drive.