City Water System

Have you ever wondered where the City gets its water?

The City gets its water by pumping it out of the ground from 4 different wells throughout the city. The water is pumped directly into the city’s distribution piping network where it is used by residents and businesses. When more water is pumped than is used, the excess water fills the three storage tanks located near the Portneuf Wellness Complex. The water that is stored provides extra water when use throughout the city is very high or during emergencies like fires. For the area east of Hiline Road, the water is pumped through a booster station to increase the water pressure for the homes in that area. The City of Chubbuck’s Water system is completely self-containing and does not connect into any of the City of Pocatello’s system.

However our Wastewater system does connect into the Pocatello Wastewater Treatment plant for treatment, all the piping on the north side of I84 is owned and maintained by the City of Chubbuck until it reaches the treatment plant. The city does own and maintain its own pipes on the south side of I84, but eventually connects into a City of Pocatello line to reach the treatment plant.