Budget Public Hearing


A public hearing, pursuant to Idaho code 50-1002, will be held for consideration of the proposed budget for the fiscal year from October 1, 2020, to September 30, 2021. The hearing will be held at Chubbuck City Council Chambers, 5160 Yellowstone Ave, Chubbuck, Idaho at 6:00pm on August 5, 2020. All interested persons are invited to appear and show cause, if any, why such budget should or should not be adopted. Copies of the proposed City Budget are available at Chubbuck City Hall during regular office hours. City Hall Is accessible to person with disabilities. Anyone desiring accommodations for disabilities related to the budget documents or to the public hearing please contact the City Clerk’s Office, 237-2400 at least 48 hours prior to the public hearing. The proposed FY2021 budget is shown below as FY2021 proposed expenditures and revenues.

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General Fund
Highway, Streets
Tort Claim Ins.









Total Property Tax Levy 5,663,996 6,119,579 6,497,916
Revenue Sources Other Than Property Taxes
General Fund 2,371,758 2,195,943 2,195,943
Highway, Streets & Roads 955,622 927,000 950,000
Water Fund 2,646,207 2,646,207 3,096,062
Wastewater Fund 2,958,890 3,011,815 3,162,405
Sanitation Fund 1,814,635 1,814,635 1,814,635
Special Revenue funds 146,900 146,900 0
Chubbuck Dev. Auth. 2,637,630 2,750,000 0
Grand Total All Funds 19,195,638 19,612,079 17,716,961
Budget Proposed
Fund Name Expenditures Expenditures
General Fund 7,264,096 7,415,522 7,766,859
Highway, Streets & Roads 1,727,280 1,827,000 1,877,000
Water Fund 2,646,207 2,646,207 3,096,062
Wastewater Fund 2,958,890 3,011,815 3,162,405
Sanitation fund 1,814,635 1,814,635 1,814,635
Special Revenue Funds 146,900 146,900 0
Chubbuck Development Authority 2,637,630 2,750,000 0
Grand Total 19,195,638 19,612,079 17,716,961

The proposed expenditures and revenues for fiscal year 2020-2021 have been tentatively approved by the city council. Citizens are invited to attend the budget hearing, August 5, 2020, at 6:00pm.

Rich Morgan, City Treasurer

Please Publish two times : July 28 and August 4, 2020



City of Chubbuck to Resume Water Service Shutoffs.

City of Chubbuck to Resume Water Service Shutoffs.

After suspending water service shutoffs and account late fees since late March, the City of Chubbuck will resume shutting off services and accessing late fees for delinquent accounts.

Per City ordinance, account holders who have not paid in full by the 15th of each month are considered delinquent. If the water account is still past due the following month, the services will be scheduled for disconnect. All delinquent accounts will be notified by mail, each month and will be notified by phone before services are disconnected.

Payments for past-due amounts can be made:

  • Online bill pay at cityofchubbuck.us
  • Direct Pay
  • Xpress Bill Pay
  • Mailing a check
  • Drop Box (located at the south end of the City Hall Parking lot)
  • Or in person at the utility billing window

Please make sure that your account contact information is up to date. For any questions or to update your information by phone please contact the Utility Billing Department at 208.417.7175 or in person at 5160 Yellowstone Ave.

Council Meetings and Public Hearings

May 28, 2020

                Council Meetings and Public Hearings

City of Chubbuck City Council Meeting’s will now be back to being held in the Council Chamber at Chubbuck City Hall 5160 Yellowstone Ave. To comply with Governor Little’s Stage 3 requirements of a maximum of 50 people and to follow social distancing standards of a minimum of six feet, ALL Public Hearing’s will continue to be held electronically, until further notice.

All City Council, Chubbuck Development Authority, and Land Use and Development Commission Public Hearing’s will be conducted via Zoom Teleconferencing, in accordance with a Proclamation signed by Governor Little on March 13, 2020 suspending section 74-203(5) and requiring ALL Public Meetings to be held electronically or by phone.

Residents are encouraged to participate in all Public Hearings via distant platforms

Call- in information will be posted with meeting agendas.

Please contact the Clerk’s Office at 208.237.2400 with any questions.

Joey Bowers
City Clerk
5160 Yellowstone Avenue
PO Box 5604
Chubbuck, ID 83202
208.237.2400 ext.201
Fax: 208.238.2371


Tennis Keys

Tennis Keys are now available at City Hall. The keys are free for 48 hours or $10 for the season, if we did not receive your key from last season the season fee increases to $20. All season keys will need to be returned to City Hall in December.

City Hall Lobby Hours

Starting Monday June 1, 2020 City Hall Lobby Hours will be
Monday thru Friday from 8am-12pm (Noon) & 1pm-5pm

City Hall will be closed from 12pm-1pm for the Lunch Hour.

Mandatory Lobby Guidelines

  • Follow social distancing standards of a minimum of six feet between you and others.


  • Only 4 People in the Front Lobby at a Time.


  • Only 1 Person/Household at the Window at a Time.


  • If you have been sick in the last two weeks or have a cough, fever or other flu-like symptoms, stay home for the health and safety of yourself and others.


  • Individuals with underlying conditions, should stay at home to avoid potential exposures.


  • To protect our Residents and Employees We encourage Residents to continue to make Utility Payments electronically, and to contact City Offices by Phone, Email, or our drop box as much as possible.



Utility Billing 208.417.7175                                        Inspections/Permits 208.417.7176

Public Works 208.237.2430                                        City Hall/Mayor’s Office 208.237.2400

Police Station 208.237.7172                                       Fire Station 208.237.3212