City of Chubbuck Strategic Plan Introduction

The FY 2019–FY 2024 Strategic Plan is the City of Chubbuck’s first strategic plan. The Plan was created through gathering community input through questionnaires, obtaining input from all City Departments, and having discussions with the City’s elected officials. The result is a vision, key performance metrics to achieve by 2024, and identification of actionable opportunities to bring the Plan to fruition. While not a binding policy document, this Plan provides a roadmap to achieving the community’s goals in consideration of the City’s resource constraints.

The Strategic Plan is intended to be a living document, reviewed annually by the City prior to budget presentations to identify emerging strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and to have its action items amended as needed to add or remove projects crucial to accomplishing its key performance metrics. As part of the budgeting process and/or in other program shifts, City department heads should identify how their requests will further the goals and vision of this plan.

Action items in the Plan are assigned to specific department heads (or division managers). The intent of this plan is that the action items are effectuated by identified department personnel and/or through coordination boards/commissions which are administered by department heads (e.g., Public Works Director, as Executive Director of the Chubbuck Development Authority (CDA), works with the CDA to fulfill a specific action item; the Planning & Development Director works with the Land Use & Development Commission to fulfill a specific action item).

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Our CommUNITY: A great place to live, work, & raise a family

In 2024, the City of Chubbuck is a family-oriented community by being:*

  • a city with vibrant and aesthetic neighborhoods
  • a city that is diverse,inclusive, and unified
  • a city that promotes participatory governance
  • a city that has a well-managed effective, efficient, and economical government
  • a city that is safe and prepared
  • a city with a strong economy
  • a city with healthy residents
  • a city that is accessible for multimodal transportation
  • a city with thriving youth and children
  • a city with growing arts, cultural, and recreational opportunities

* Unless otherwise indicated, no list within this document is intended to be in order of importance.

Vibrant and Aesthetic Neighborhoods

In 2024, Chubbuck maintains its small town feel despite rapid growth and its neighborhoods have distinct characteristics that set them apart from other neighborhoods in the city and which set the city apart from other cities in the region. The City has ensured that development projects are compatible with, and enhance, the rest of Chubbuck, has ensured that development standards are implemented which facilitate excellent public spaces,and has taken proactive measures to address blighted or otherwise rundown properties and structures.

Action Items

  • Increase code enforcement, code educational efforts,and promotion of city-wide cleanupday(s); review codes to ensure that they are enforceable
  • The City will maintain public spaces to the same level (or higher) of expectation as private properties
  • Review and update the Planned Unit Development section of code, particularly related to infill, fringe greenfield development, and land redevelopment
  • Review and update the Comprehensive Plan’s Future Land Use Map
  • Update City Code to better implement goals, objectives, and policies of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Use social media to promote property owner-led maintenance and beautification
  • City facilities will serve as model for xeriscaped landscaping by developing a city facility plan
  • Evaluate and create programs to incentivize property owners to beautify properties in targeted areas; evaluate potential funding mechanismsrelated to said programs

Diverse, Inclusive, and Unified City

In 2024, Chubbuck is a caring, kind, compassionate, fair and equitable community that supports an affordable and livable community to all, regardless of age, sex, race, religious belief, ability, or otherwise.

Action Items

  • Implement an ADA Transition Plan for facilities and programs
  • Support nonprofits that provide opportunities to disadvantaged populations such as those related to public health, children and seniors, and those with disabilities
  • Create a downtown plan for all ages and abilities
  • Make focused efforts on attracting and retaining affordable healthcare, childcare, adult education opportunities, and preventative health services
  • Make focused efforts to ensure that housing within Chubbuck meets all levels of affordability through use of mixed and planned unit development codes and incentives and other tools

Promotes Participatory Governance

In 2024, the City of Chubbuck actively seeks opportunities for involvement of its residents in all aspects of governance and in City programs. Residentinput is actively sought from all demographics within the community.

Action Items

  • Consider appropriate advisory committees on issues as needs arise
  • To address current issues,encourage and support grassroots community groups
  • Departments will analyze all programs for ways in which public involvement can be better sought; when ways are identified, departments will implement programs to obtain public involvement
  • Continue to implement an application process for all appointed offices when vacancies arise
  • Evaluate opportunities to provide youth with more opportunities to participate in city affairs, such as establishing a youth advisory committee for the City of Chubbuck


Well-Managed Government

In 2024, the City of Chubbuck provides effective, efficient, and economical services that are responsive to the community’s needs. City government is fair and equitable while being accountable, transparent, and backed by quality and responsive staff.

Action Items

  • Develop a continued education plan for each full-time employeewhich contains training and certifications as appropriate to their job duties
  • Continue to grow the City’s social media presence and use it to promote citizen involvement in major policy decisions
  • Review employee job descriptions and make necessary changes to ensure that the description matches duties and needs; reassign employees where necessary
  • Develop 5 year capital plans
  • Preserve interdepartmental communications and cooperation
  • Adhere to established budgets while ensuring that current levels of service are maintained or increased
  • Annual review of department priorities with the City Council
  • Continue to hire employees, and promote from within, based on technical competence and equal employment opportunity practices

Safe and Prepared Community

In 2024, the City of Chubbuck’s residents, visitors, and workers feel safe at all hours. Emergency responders are timely, well-trained, courteous, and professional. The City is resilient and prepared for emergencies and risks.

Action Items

  • Research and implement best practice designs for water conservation in new and infill development
  • Engage residents on social media about water conservation, the City’s recycling program, and other efforts to increase sustainability
  • Evaluate water meter rate program
  • Continue to engage the County Commissioners in discussions regarding enhancing emergency medical services within the City
  • Identify location for new fire and police facilities
  • Maintaina city-wide emergency response plan,hold exercises, and publicizeplans
  • Lead the development of an anti-drug task force related to decreasing the presence and effects of hard drugs within the community
  • Research opportunities to increase citizen involvementin efforts to increase safety

Strong Economy

In 2024, the City of Chubbuck is a business destination and center of innovation. New businesses are complimentary to the characteristics of the city and mixed use development is beginning to develop around arterial roads. The City is attractive to new workers as a live, work, play community.


  • Continue efforts to research a recreational centerand develop a funding strategy
  • Continue to work to assist existing businesses in retention and expansion efforts
  • Evaluate and propose programs to improve the Yellowstone Highway corridor
  • Focus economic development efforts on healthcare-related industries in conjunction with area landowners
  • Continue to promote the benefits of smart growth principles to developers
  • Continue to work closely with educational institutions serving Chubbuck residents and businesses
  • Research and pursue options that would create a city-wide high speed Internet connectivity network, such as the Ammon model
  • Continue to make appropriate investments in sewer and water infrastructure to prepare for current and expected growth

Healthy Residents

In 2024, the City of Chubbuck has taken steps to ensure that residents have equal and ready access to opportunities that promote mental and physical well-being, and a happy, active lifestyle. The City has taken steps to draw more healthcare-oriented businesses to the area and has worked with Bannock County to address emergency medical services within the city.

Action Items

  • Participate in the redesign of the Flying Wye interchange to ensure bicycle and pedestrian connectivity to the Wellness Complex from Chubbuck
  • Continue efforts to research a recreational center and develop a funding strategy
  • Continue to expand league sports
  • Take efforts to identify locations within and around the city that could accommodate bicycle and pedestrian facilities and identify and implement best practices for streetscapes which aid in increasing pedestrian and bicycle comfort levels
  • Promote outdoor activities within existing city limits

Accessible by Multimodal Transportation

In 2024, the City of Chubbuck ensures that all modes of transportation areconsidered as the City grows and as construction projects are planned. Walking and biking corridors have been established and have enhanced the ability for all residents to access shopping, employment, and recreation withoutneeding to rely on a motor vehicle.

Action Items

  • Work with Bannock Transportation Planning Organization and other stakeholders to evaluate bike/pedestrian system in Chubbuck and propose solutions which would increase alternative modes of transportation
  • Establish a relationship and plan with the Portneuf Greenway Foundation for a system of multi-use paths and side paths in and around Chubbuck
  • Work with the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes and the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other stakeholders to determine the feasibility and plan for a canal bank greenway system; pursue the creation of a Blackfoot to Pocatello greenway along the Hiline Canal
  • Continue to strengthen the City’s relationship with the Idaho Transportation Department and seek to promote increased focus on multimodal transportation alternatives at the State and local levels
  • Work with the Idaho Transportation Department to alleviate congestion at the Chubbuck Interchange
  • Work with School District #25 to identify the location of future schools and to develop a walking/biking plan to said schools

Thriving Children and Youth

In 2024, the City of Chubbuck ensures that needs of emerging generations are met. The City works with School District #25 regularly and works with other stakeholders to promote after-school programs. Youth in Chubbuck feel welcome and are given opportunities to recreate in the community.

Action Items

  • Continue efforts to research a recreational centerand develop a funding strategy
  • Establish a relationship and plan with the Portneuf Greenway Foundation for a system of multi-use paths and side paths in and around Chubbuck
  • Develop a downtown plan to create an area in the city where youth will feel valued and have opportunities; ensure that youth have a seat at the planning stage table
  • Meet regularly with groups such as the United Way, Boys and Girls Club, and YMCA to determine how Chubbuck can promote the creation of good programs and areas for youth
  • Develop a Chubbuck employees’ mentorship program and permit employees paid time to volunteer with youth and to serve as community examples

Growing Arts and Cultural Opportunities

In 2024, the City of Chubbuck has public places throughout the community with public art and that are programmable and programmed with performances, concerts, and activities. Art and cultural opportunities are accessible to residents of all ages and abilities.

Action Items

  • Encourage public art in urban renewal areas through tax increment finance districts through coordination with property owners and the Chubbuck Development Authority
  • Work with residents and others to identify opportunities to increase art and cultural activities in the City of Chubbuck
  • Develop a downtown plan with art and cultural opportunities throughout and with programmable and programmed space
  • Increase the number of arts and music related activities within the City of Chubbuck


From December 27, 2017 through February 20, 2018, the City of Chubbuck sought input from area residents on a questionnaire which would lead towards the creation of the City’s Strategic Plan. The questions were drafted by City of Chubbuck Staff and reviewed by the City Council prior to seeking responses. The survey was not intended to be exclusive to City of Chubbuck residents as City Staff and the Council sought input from all residents within and near the City.

The questionnaire occurred in 2 formats, one being digital in which a SurveyMonkey link was published on the City’s social media accountsandMayor’s vlog, provided by the Highland High School Principal to students, and linked in the Mayor’s December quarterly newsletter and the second formbeing paper surveys which were mailed to randomly selected households within the City of Chubbuck. Randomly selected households were determined using mailing info received on November 14, 2018 from the City of Chubbuck’s utility billing database under the City Clerk. Responses were incentivized through a drawing for 5 $25.00 gift cards to an area restaurant through the Pocatello-Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce.

The database contained 4,367 billing addresses and was converted from .txt format to Excel format. Duplicate names were removed from the database using the “Remove Duplicate” data tool in Excel leaving 4,047 unique names, and the list was randomized using the “RANDBETWEEN” function. With the list randomized, the first 600 names were selected. Finally, businesses were removed from the list to create a list of 543 random survey recipients. Paper surveys were distributed along with postage paid return envelopes via the Highland High School Honor Society and a local church youth group.

The Questionnaire for the Strategic Plan received 409 responses with 332 of the responses coming from respondents who indicated that they reside in the City of Chubbuck. At a 95% confidence level, using 2016 ACS 5-Year estimates that the City of Chubbuck has 14,644 residents, responses for those who so indicated that they reside in the City have a confidence interval of +/-5.4%. Survey results for Chubbuck residents and non-Chubbuck residents are includedasappendices to this Plan(malicious comments redacted).

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