Engineering Department

The City of Chubbuck’s Engineering Department is dedicated to providing safe and reliable infrastructure and services to meet the needs of our community now and long into the future. We continually strive to protect and maximize the community’s investments in streets, utilities, and related infrastructure by ensuring quality planning, design, construction, and maintenance. The Engineering Department utilizes long term planning, technology, and collaboration to make responsible decisions on behalf of the current and future residents and businesses. Our commitment is to serve the community while being respectful, innovative, proactive, efficient, accurate, responsive, and environmentally conscious.

GIS Mission

It is the Mission of the City of Chubbuck’s GIS Department:

  • To work in partnership with the many City of Chubbuck departments by leveraging cutting-edge technology and knowledge to provide accurate, consistent, accessible, and comprehensive GIS data.
  • To produce a robust GIS infrastructure and a set of services to support the unique business needs of the City of Chubbuck and the citizens we serve.
  • To work closely with the local GIS community to maximize sharing of GIS information, promoting a healthy local GIS dataset.
  • To engender a pleasant and exciting work environment that promotes education while also creating a fun work atmosphere.

With an overall goal of developing progressive decision-making processes that are speedy, promote educated decisions and provide knowledge to our consumers.

  Department Contacts

Bridger Morrison, P.E. City Engineer

Primary responsibilities include: Department administration, project management and design, infrastructure planning, and review of development plans.


Phone: (208) 237-2430 ext. 107

Sean Harris, Senior Engineering Tech

Primary responsibilities include: Project design, development plan review, plat review and coordination, Right-of-Way and Erosion & Sediment Control permitting.


Phone: (208) 237-2430 ext. 108

Derek Kennedy, Senior Engineering Tech

Primary responsibilities include: Project Design, development plan and plat review, provide technical services to the department and public.


Phone: (208) 237-2430 ext. 164

Rob Humpherys. Public Works Inspector

Primary responsibilities include: Public works construction review and inspections including concrete (sidewalk) inspections.


Phone: (208) 317-8043 (cell)

Jacqueline Malloy, GIS Technician

Helps create, update and maintains the city geographic information system (GIS), performs GIS data entry, produces maps, graphics, reports and other geographic information system products.


Phone: (208) 237-2430 ext. 163


 Helpful Links


Full Manual PDF (Adopted May 2015)
ARRATA PDF (June 25, 2015)
Bowstring Worksheet (XLS)

Erosion and Sediment Control

Pressure Irrigation

Pressure Irrigation Design and Construction Standards

Hours of Operation

City Hall Lobby Hours
Monday thru Friday 8am-12pm (Noon) & 1pm-5pm

City Hall will be closed from 12pm-1pm for Lunch 


Mandatory Lobby Guidelines

  • Follow social distancing standards of a minimum of six feet between you and others.
  • Only 4 People in the Front Lobby at a Time.
  • Only 1 Person/Household at the Window at a Time.


City Hall / Mayor's Office

(208) 237-2400
5160 Yellowstone Avenue
Chubbuck, ID 83202


Inspections / Permits

(208) 417-7176
5160 Yellowstone Avenue
Chubbuck, ID 83202


Police Station

(208) 237-7172


Utility Billing

(208) 417-7175
5160 Yellowstone Avenue
Chubbuck, ID 83202


Public Works

(208) 237-2430
5160 Yellowstone Avenue
Chubbuck, ID 83202


Fire Station

(208) 237-3212