NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council of the City of Chubbuck, Idaho, will conduct a Public Hearing at 6:00 pm on May 17, 2023 at Chubbuck City Council Chambers, 290 East Linden, Chubbuck, Idaho.  Public hearings will be held with respect to the following items:

  1. Finding real property of the City of Chubbuck located at Lot 13 Block 1 and Lot 3 Block 3 of The Grove – Division No. 1 as no longer useful or necessary and declaring such real property to be surplus property with the following terms. The Council finds that the 2 lots have no public purposes beyond which exist by easement or right-of-way; the Council declares the 2 lots as surplus property; the Council will not contract for an appraisal since the costs of the appraisal likely will exceed valuations of the properties due to the sizes, dimensions, easements, and lack of access and development opportunities, The Council establishes a minimum value of $500 per lot to cover administrative expenses associated with the disposal; and The Council requires that the winning bidders of the auctions pay all closing and other costs associated with the sale of the property. The Council establishes that other terms and conditions of the sales shall be consistent with standard real estate transactions, and require buyers and their heirs and assigns to consent to not protest a future canal trail, and that any buyer will on behalf of their heirs and assigns will agree that each full parcel shall be subject to an easement for future trails, and that such easement shall run with the land. Further, if no bids are received, pursuant to Idaho Code 50-1403(1), the Council will sell the lots by offering them for sale on the open market subject to, and conditioned upon, the same terms as stated above, except that the Council may, by resolution at the sole discretion of the Council, accept an offer deviating from said terms and conditions, and Authorize the City Clerk to publish a Notice of Public Hearing to take comments on the above tentative terms and then to publish a Notice of Intent to sell the surplus real property and to accept sealed bids on a date to be determined by City Staff. Type of action: Decision. (Action Item)

Written testimony must be received by at least 7 days prior to the hearing, shall comply with standards established in City resolution 2021-06. A complete description of each item is available to the public on request to Council packets are generally available the week before the meeting at or are available by contacting the City Clerk. Any and all persons may register comments, protests, or agreements on the hearing subjects being considered. Oral testimony concerning these proposals may be offered at the public hearing. Council may limit oral testimony.

Any person needing special accommodations to participate in the meeting should contact the City Clerk, Joey Bowers at at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Joey Bowers, City Clerk
Publish: April 29, 2023