CHUBBUCK – The overall winner of this year’s contest was 485 Lariat. The eves were lined perfectly with red and white lights, and every window perfectly lined, there were giant wreaths on the house and the yard was full of lights and other decor! The main focal point is a giant nativity scene that is right on the corner.

Here are the other category winners:

Best Commercial Display- Idaho Central Credit Union

Griswold Award- 201 Henry

Best Animation- 1389 Sawtooth

Most Traditional- 1102 Congress

Most Colorful- 5045 Cole

Best Small Display- 1425 Jenna

Spirit of the Season (People’s Choice)- 4633 Phasmeroi

Spirit of the Season- 753 Dell

Mayor’s Choice- 860 Harold

Because we want to include as many people as possible in the contest, including those whom have not won awards in the past, this year we have added two additional categories of houses that deserve recognition, even though they will not get a physical award in their yard. Santa’s Favorites– These are houses that are above and beyond the typical Christmas Display and include many of our houses that win awards every year. Even though these houses did not get an award, they still deserve recognition. There is a second category of note that we will call the “borderline” category. These houses are deserving of awards but sit just beyond the Chubbuck boundaries, so they do not actually qualify (Most just to the north of the city line in the county).  

  Santa’s Favorites   “Borderline Acknowledgements”
Chubbuck Fire Station 14458 W Siphon Rd.
Cotant Park 5745 Sorrell 5333 Hawthorne Rd 1077 W Quinn Rd  

We have again implemented a rule this year that states a house cannot win the same award two years in a row, unless there is absolutely no other competitive choice. We hope to see even more houses with bigger and better displays for next year.


If you would like more information, please contact Brad Winters at 208-220-0799 or via email at