Was your House built between 1982 and 1988?

The City of Chubbuck recently sent out letters to residents whose homes were built between 1982 and 1988. Asking for their help in collecting a water sample from their inside tap to be tested for lead and copper in the water.

Their help in this matter is desperately needed in order to have our water system stay in compliance with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). To maintain water system compliance it is necessary to complete collection and test by June 30, 2019

So if you received a letter or know of anyone who did, don’t pass it off as not important Please respond and help us out we cannot fulfill this requirement without your help.

On May 15 2019 the City of Chubbuck brought online a new water well (called a water source in regulator language). With the new source and the possibility of different PH and or chemistry mixing with our existing water sources and residential plumbing fixtures. The City is required to collect two sets of samples from 60 homes built between 1982 and 1988. One set now and the second set in the latter half of the year.

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