NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Chubbuck, in compliance with Section 50-1402, Idaho Code, as amended, will offer certain real property for sale at public auction to the highest bidder. Sealed written bids must be submitted no later than 12 PM (noon) on June 7, 2023 to: City of Chubbuck, c/o Community Services Director, 290 E Linden Ave, Chubbuck, ID 83202. The real property for auction includes:

  1.  Tax Parcel No.: RCTG1001300
    Lot 13, Block 1 of The Grove – Division No. 1
    1.37 acres
  2. Tax Parcel No.: RCTG1002200
    Lot 3, Block 3 of The Grove – Division No. 1
    0.21 acres


  1. These properties are encumbered by, and sold subject to, easements for drainage control, public utility easements, irrigation easements, irrigation mainline infrastructure and easements, and stormwater drainage easements as established by The Grove – Division No. 1 plat, and Fort Hall Irrigation Project right-of-way, and may be further encumbered by the subdivision’s restrictive codes and covenants, of which the City makes no representation.
  2. Payment to be cash/certified check/cashier’s check/money order.
  3. Minimum bid value established of $500 per lot.
  4. Winning bidder is responsible for all closing and other costs associated with the sale of the properties.
  5. Other terms and conditions of the sales shall be consistent with standard real estate transactions.
  6. Buyer must consent to easement for future canal trail which will be binding on heirs and assigns.

The City Council will review the bids on June 14, 2023. The Council reserves the right to reject any bid which may be made for a lesser amount than minimum bid value and any which do not consent to abide by the terms of sale. If no acceptable bids are received, pursuant to Idaho Code 50-1403(l), the Council will sell the lots on the on the open market subject to, and conditioned upon, the same terms as stated above, except that the Council may, by resolution at the sole discretion of the Council, accept an offer deviating from said terms and conditions.

Joey Bowers, Chubbuck City Clerk

Publish Date: May 24, 2023