Chubbuck Development Authority (CDA)

Chubbuck Development Authority (CDA)

The Chubbuck Development Authority meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5:30 PM.

For CDA Records Contact:
City Clerk’s Office 208.237.2400 phone
208.238.2371 fax
City Clerk:  Joey Bowers

Notices and Information

Northside Crossing Plan

Northside Crossing NOPH 

Upcoming CDA Meeting Agendas

October 20, 2020 Agenda 

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Chubbuck Development Authority is to undertake urban renewal projects in areas designated by the City of Chubbuck to be deteriorating and to undertake the rehabilitation, conservation, redevelopment, or a combination thereof of such area, or areas, in the interest of the public health, safety, morals or welfare of the residents of the City of Chubbuck. The Chubbuck Development Authority, to the greatest extent it determines to be feasible in carrying out its stated purpose, shall afford maximum opportunity, consistent with the needs of the City of Chubbuck as a whole, to the rehabilitation or redevelopment of the urban renewal area by private enterprise.

Board Members

Seat One: Mecinna Price
Seat Two: Rick Keller (Vice-Chair)
Seat Three: Jeff Hough
Seat Four: Deloy Stuart
Seat Five: Daniel Heiner 
Seat Six: Annette Baumeister (Chair)
Seat Seven: Krystal Harmon
Executive Director Devin Hillam
Attorney: T.J. Budge
Clerk: Joey Bowers

Historic spending of the Chubbuck Development Authority (click to enlarge)



Country Acres Street Reconstruction – Recently Completed

Full width reconstruction of roadway including curb and gutters, sidewalks and drainage facilities. Construction started in 2017 and is anticipated to be complete by fall of 2018.  Project budget $4.4 Million.

Dark Fiber Lease – Current

Installation of Fiber Optics network core backbone infrastructure to provide secure fiber optic communication to all City operation facilities including Well’s, Booster Stations and Sewer Lift Stations. This backbone will provide increased opportunity for “Fiber to the Home” and encourage economic growth as Chubbuck becomes a SMART City. Project completion by December 2017. Project Budget $395,000.

Industry/Southside Way – Recently Completed

Full reconstruction of the roadways in the Chubbuck Industrial Park. Project completion is scheduled for 2018. Project budget $400,000.

Northgate – Siphon Road Extension

Full reconstruction of Siphon Road Phase 3 – Yellowstone to Hiline including the Hiline / Siphon Intersection. Project includes widening to 5 lane corridor, construction of multi-use bike / pedestrian path and relocation of existing utility infrastructure. Project schedule for intersection construction in 2018 and roadway in 2019. Project budget $5 million.

Hawthorne Road – James to Siphon – Recently Completed

Full reconstruction as part of a waterline installation project.  Project is anticipated to include curb and gutter, storm drain facilities and sidewalks on the west side of the roadway.  Project construction Schedule for 2019. Project budget $750,000.

Hours of Operation

City Hall Lobby Hours
Monday thru Thursday 7:30am-12pm (Noon) & 1pm-5:30pm. Friday 7:30am-11:30am by Phone & Appointment Only.

City Hall will be closed Monday thru Thursday from 12pm-1pm for Lunch. 


Mandatory Lobby Guidelines

  • Follow social distancing standards of a minimum of six feet between you and others.
  • Only 4 People in the Front Lobby at a Time.
  • Only 1 Person/Household at the Window at a Time.


City Hall / Mayor's Office

(208) 237-2400
5160 Yellowstone Avenue
Chubbuck, ID 83202


Inspections / Permits

(208) 417-7176
5160 Yellowstone Avenue
Chubbuck, ID 83202


Police Station

(208) 237-7172


Utility Billing

(208) 417-7175
5160 Yellowstone Avenue
Chubbuck, ID 83202


Public Works

(208) 237-2430
5160 Yellowstone Avenue
Chubbuck, ID 83202


Fire Station

(208) 237-3212