Planning Division


Overview/Codes: Primary codes related to the duties of the Planning Division include Title 18, Land Use. The Planning Division oversees city planning for land uses such as comprehensive planning, annexations and initial zoning designations, zoning and land use ordinance amendments, conditional use permits, variances, planned unit development and creative community zonings, and for ensuring that site specific projects align with requirements for things like parking, landscaping, setbacks, etc.


Don Matson, AICP. Planning Manager
Primary Duties: Land use and development review and processing, annexations, zoning changes, conditional use permits, short and long range community planning.
(208) 239-3252

Land Use & Development Commission (LUDC):

The Commission meets regularly on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Applications needing Commission reviews/approvals are required to be submitted and deemed complete by 4 weeks/28 days before the desired meeting.

Go to: Land Use and Development Commission page.


Type of Application


Conditional Use Permit

$340 plus $1.50/mailing


$340 plus $1.50/mailing

Variance, administrative

$35 plus $1.50/mailing

Comprehensive Plan Amendment

$370 plus $1.50/mailing

Planned Unit Development

$700 plus $1.50/mailing

Creative Community

$1,000 plus $1.50/mailing

Annexation & Initial Zoning

$700 plus $1.50/mailing

Zone/text change

$535 plus $1.50/mailing

Zoning Development Agreement

$200 if required/needed

Comprehensive Plan Copy


Zoning Certification/Compliance Letter (research of historical land uses of properties)- Standard Time


Zoning Certification/Compliance Letter (research of historical land uses of properties)- Expedited within 2 business days


Public hearings in excess of the amount specified in Idaho or municipal code, regardless of who requests it or if an application has been noticed and the hearing has been requested to be postponed at the applicant’s request

Cost of publication for public hearing and mailing notices


Chubbuck City Code
Chubbuck Zoning Map
Chubbuck Comprehensive Plan
Land Use Application Form
CUP Questionaire

Design Review Committee clearances, Business Licenses, Catering licenses, Home Occupation Permits, Liquor/Alcohol licenses, Temporary Vendor licenses, etc., are administered by the City Clerk’s office.

Hours of Operation

City Hall Lobby Hours
Monday thru Thursday 7:30am-5:30pm

Friday 7:30am-11:30am


City Hall / Mayor's Office

(208) 237-2400
290 East Linden St.
Chubbuck, ID 83202



Inspections / Permits

(208) 417-7176
290 East Linden St.
Chubbuck, ID 83202


Public Works Yard

(208) 237-2430
175 Park Lawn
Chubbuck, ID 83202


Police Station

(208) 237-7172
5160 Yellowstone Avenue
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Utility Billing

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Public Works

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Fire Station

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4727 Yellowstone Avenue
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