Water & Waste Water

Water & Waste Water

The Water Utility Department is charged with the regulation of water access for the City.  If you need water service turned on or off, please contact Utility Billing at 208-417-7175 during regular business hours to schedule an appointment.  If you need emergency service after regular office hours, contact the Chubbuck Police Department at 208-237-7172.  Meter reading is done on a monthly basis throughout most of the year. View the utility rates section below for more information.


It’s the goal of the City of Chubbuck Water Department to provide clean safe water to every residential and business tap in the city; along with maintaining adequate reserves for emergency needs. We exceed all governmental and water industry standards and requirements. The City of Chubbuck Water Department operates effectively, and efficiently while advancing with technology in continually maintaining and improving the water system.

Consumer Confidence Report

The City of Chubbuck is pleased to present the 2023 Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report) as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). This report is designed to provide details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies.

Consumer Confidence Report

Paper copies can be obtained from the City of Chubbuck Public Works Department located at 5160 Yellowstone, Chubbuck Idaho or by calling 208-237-2430.

Cameron Lusk
Water/Wastewater Operations Manager
Phone:  208.237.2430 Ext. 145
Email:  clusk@cityofchubbuck.us


Scott Baker
Water/Wastewater Distribution & Collections Manager
Phone:  208.237.2430 Ext. 167
Email:  sbaker@cityofchubbuck.us 

Lead and Copper Survey

Please take our Lead and Copper Survey for homes built before 1991.

Installing or Modifying Your Sprinkler System

Are you thinking of installing or modifying a sprinkler system? Click the link below for more information from the City of Chubbuck.

Secondary Irrigation Map

View the map by clicking below.

Chubbuck Backflow Prevention Program

Licensed Backflow Testers
IAS Envirochem, Ryan Pattie 208-237-3300
B&B Sprinklers 208-237-8161
Bats, Allen & Leslie Wilder 208-221-6988
Scott’s Sprinklers 208-251-5587

Water Conservation Tips and Suggestions

Below are some pointers that can help you save water and money; Fix running toilets: Save up to 200 gallons a day Use the shower: Save up to 60 gallons a day Wash full loads of laundry: Save 42 gallons per load Turn off unused taps: Save 2 gallons per minute Use efficient appliances: Cut water use by up to 30% Water your lawn or garden during the cool morning hours As you can see, there are numerous relatively easy ways to conserve water and save money. For more suggestions and ideas or to get a listing of water saving appliances and products, visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense web site.

Utility Rates

Water, sewer and sanitation services are provided by the City and they are billed to you on one bill that is sent the last week of each month and are past due after the fifteenth (15th) of the following month. The residential billing rates are listed in the chart below.

Water Service Base Rate $29.11+ *Usage
Wastewater Service Base Rate $63.35
Sanitation Service Base Rate: $18.44
Monthly Base Rate: $110.90

*Water Base Rate +$1.40 per 1,000 gallons metered usage.  Deposit required to start services

January 2 – First day to apply for current year Homeowner’s Exemption or Circuit Breaker Benefits.

April 15 – Last day to apply for current year Homeowner’s Exemption or Circuit Breaker Benefits.

If you have a question or concern about your utility bill, email Utility Billing at utilitybilling@cityofchubbuck.us or call the Utility Billing Office at (208) 417-7175.

Additional Residential Sanitation Cart Rate + $11.84
per cart
Fort Hall Irrigation $16.10 (Subject to location)
Optional Recycle Cart Rate + $5.00
per cart
After Hour Service Fee + $25.00
Delinquency Fee* + 5% of the Outstanding Balance. Applied on the 16th of each month
Shut Off Fee $50 applied on the second Wednesday of each month for accounts that are two months behind in payments.
Financial Return Fee $30.00

*For payments received after the 15th of the month.

If you have a question or concern about your utility bill, email Utility Billing at utilitybilling@cityofchubbuck.us or call the Utility Billing Office at (208) 417-7175.

Base Rate: $29.11 plus $1.44 for each thousand (1,000) gallons of water used.

A deposit is required for all new service accounts. This deposit covers all three services offered by the City. Due to the fact that each individual’s or family’s water usage is unique, it is not possible to provide an average billing for a given residence in advance.

Water usage is metered for each residence within City limits. The majority of the residences in the City have electronic meters and will be billed for water usage on a month-by-month basis. 

The Water Department has trained staff on duty Monday through Friday during regular office hours if you need your water service turned on or off for any reason including repairs. If you have an after hours emergency, contact the Chubbuck Police Department at 237-7172 and a trained staff member will assist you.

It is a misdemeanor, punishable by a $300 fine or six months in jail, to turn on, off or otherwise tamper with the City’s water meters. For safety reasons, only trained staff will be allowed access to your meter vaults. Please notify the Water Department if the lid on your water vault is not securely shut as this may be a safety hazard to children and pets. If the lid to the water meter vault on your property is damaged, please notify the Water Department as a faulty lid could result in pipes freezing and possibly rupturing. Please take care when mowing or trimming around water meter vaults to avoid damaging the lid.

Base Rate: $18.44 plus $11.84 per additional sanitation cart.

Residential pickup of garbage is provided once per week. See Streets and Sanitation for more information and to determine what day collection is made at your residence.

Your sanitation cart should be put out no sooner than twelve (12) hours before collection date. Collection times will vary from week to week, so ensure your cart is out before 7:00 am on collection date. Sanitation carts must be placed in the roadway near the curb with the wheels and handle pointing away from the roadway.

If your cart is overflowing, or inaccessible due to obstructions such as cars parked too closely, it will not be collected.  If a person just has extra garbage and they want an additional empty some time during the week they can call and we will go empty their cart. The City offers a return service for $8.66.  This amount will be be added to your utility statement.

The Sanitation Department has determined the following refuse to be unacceptable due to either ecological impact concern or weight that may potentially damage collection vehicles:

Prohibited Waste

  • Building materials
  • Rocks
  • Concrete
  • Tires
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Other hazardous materials.

If you place any of the listed items in your collection cart, it will not be collected. Trash that is too large to be placed in the cart or that is left outside the cart will not be collected. It is your responsibility to dispose of refuse that the City has determined to be unacceptable at the Bannock County Landfill 1500 N. Fort Hall Mine Rd. 208-236-0607.

Base Rate: $5.00 / month plus $5.00 per additional recycle cart.

The City of Chubbuck offers recycling services to any resident who wishes to participate. Participation is voluntary. For program information or to signup click the button below.

Visit Recycling

Recycling Notice


City Clerk’s Office Forms & Applications

Looking for forms and applications from the City Clerk’s office?  Visit our forms page.



It is the goal of the City of Chubbuck Sewer Department to facilitate the conveyance pathway for the removal of wastewater from all businesses and residences in the City of Chubbuck. This allows wastewater to be delivered to the Wastewater Treatment Plant for correct and proper disposal. We operate effectively and efficiently while advancing with technology in performing operations, preventive and routine maintenance on the City of Chubbuck Waste water system along with upgrades.

Hours of Operation

City Hall Lobby Hours
Monday thru Thursday 7:30am-5:30pm

Friday 7:30am-11:30am

Email:  info@cityofchubbuck.us

City Hall / Mayor's Office

(208) 237-2400
290 East Linden Ave.
Chubbuck, ID 83202



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(208) 417-7176
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Public Works Yard

(208) 237-2430
175 Park Lawn
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Police Station

(208) 237-7172
5160 Yellowstone Ave.
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Utility Billing

(208) 417-7175
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Public Works

(208) 237-2430
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Fire Station

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